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Mosaic Missions

Mosaic Missions

Mosaic Missions is based and registered in the UK as is a Christian Charitable Association and also with registered in the USA Denver Colorado as a section 501(C) 3 with a global operational network. Mosaic Missions primary aim is to bring broken and fragmented pieces of people's lives into a place of "wholeness", beauty and excellence. Mosaic Missions is a charitable organisation designed to promote individual unique potential and promote global development among her members and the wider community. We link groups and individual around the globe to create a wealth of strength, unity and fellowship

We aim to provide high quality information and support services, help and networking opportunities for individuals ,member groups, social enterprise, and Christian organisations who subscribes to our membership across the globe. We act as a potential resource to promote socio-cultural, spiritual, economic, educational, health initiatives and developmental programs to enhance the growth and development of individuals and organisations around the world through its activities.

  • 'Bridging the Gap Project'- A mental Health Initiative designed to bring help, health and healing to individuals who has been discharged from mental institutions and needs help to integrate into the wider community. The Bridging the Gap project provides training, capacity building, advice and counselling services to enhance the creative and independent living skills of individuals. The project also provides support and befriending services to promote clients' welfare, self worth, and self importance so that they can become productive individual within their communities.
  • 'An Africa Now Project' - This is an initiative designed to break the pattern of poverty and promote economic development in developing countries through its programs and activities. The 'Africa Now Project' aims to raise awareness and educate groups and individuals about income generating projects, to provide start up funds for viable projects and talent discovery in developing countries. The aim of the project is to reduce poverty and promote employability and economic development.
  • 'Friends and Partners' Global Network- This is a global network that acts as a platform to facilitate , friendship, fellowship and unity among members of mosaic missions across the globe. The global network will organise activities such as yearly conferences, mission trips, camp meetings,tourism and exchange programs for her members to promote economic, social and spiritual empowerment. Members of the global network will also contribute voluntarily towards a global fund designed to promote the 'Africa Now Project' directly or indirectly. The global fund will be use to promote viable start up projects and empower groups and individuals economically. Members will have access to a range of benefits available for the global network

Vision: To empower Individuals, organisations, leaders and entrepreneurs to become productive and achieve excellence in their performance.

Activities: Activities of Mosaic Missions empowers member groups and individuals to develop capacity for spiritual growth and economic development and capacity building through its seminars, workshops and training .

Missions Statement: Bringing HELP, HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT to Individuals and whole Communities

Values: Promoting self worth, self importance and self performance based of on our Christian values. Mosaic Missions don't impose her values but her values underpins their activities.

Membership: Membership is open to individuals all over the globe from 16-65 years of age, to social groups and Christian organisations all over the world

To become a member complete our membership forms below;

Benefits of being a member

  • Spiritual growth and development
  • Economic empowerment and awareness program
  • Volunteering activities to support social action programs such as 'Bridging the gap' and people who are socially disadvantaged in various countries
  • Tourism opportunities to explore your world and develop exposure
  • Networking for growth and development and business opportunities with members
  • Support with start up projects and businesses
  • Opportunity to contribute your time, talent and resources to make global impact, make a difference in the lives of people in developing countries and across the globe