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Turning Talent into Treasures

International Business, Entrepreneurs and investors Network (IBEIN)

International Business, Entrepreneurs and investors Network (IBEIN) is an operational network of interested Christian adults who desires to increase their net worth by creating wealth. IBEIN aims to create a forum for interested business men, entrepreneurs and investors to network among themselves and to share ideas of opportunities, identify viable areas of investment opportunities and to work towards promoting wealth among the Christian communities.

IBEIN aims to educate individuals, raise awareness and develop individual’s skills to attract and create wealth for Kingdom expansion. IBEIN will identify a mechanism by which people can multiply their income,create other sources of income, start businesses with little or no capital and releasing individuals potentials in generating wealth.IBEIN will create a forum for entrepreneurs and people with business ideas to share their ideas and for investors to identify areas where they can invest through informed decisions.IBEIN is not an investment portfolio, and does not operate any portfolio of investments or has a business proposition, It is purely a social operational network of Christians who believe in coming together to share ideas and opportunities, and educate individuals to make inform decisions for themselves to promote the kingdom of God.