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About Rev Moses Asare

About Rev Moses Asare

Rev Moses Asare, a Medical Sociologist and a Research Fellow in Trans-cultural Psychiatry. He graduated in University of Essex as a Medical Sociologist and has worked in various fields within Mental Health Practice as a Clinician, Manager and Community Specialist. He has also consulted for various Local Authorities in London as a Commissioner and Contractor. Rev Moses Asare also founded the Mosaic Missions, a local Christian Charity based in London with a worldwide Operational network that is designed to Reform Communities, Inform Minds, and Transform the lives of people with lifelong learning skills. Mosaic Missions became the bedrock of many ministries and churches which were birthed in the UK.

He also founded Equip International a non-profit organisation with the aim of equipping individuals with personal and independent living skills to enhance participants with marketable skills. Rev Moses Asare also consulted and worked with Interlink College, a UK approved tertiary institution to develop the colleges’ first Diploma in Biblical Studies where students were able to relate theoretical ideas, debates, and concepts to practical living and to help students develop a Biblical approach to handling real life issues. He is also the President of Praise Harvest International Ministries (PHIM) a network of Churches and Ministries around the world.

Rev Moses Asare is the vision bearer of Praise Harvest Community Church in East London with satellite branches in Thornton Heath (South London), Milton Keynes, Atlanta Georgia and South Africa, East Ham, Coventry and India He has a great passion in empowering and developing the creative skills of individuals and to enhance their God-given potentials. His insight and understanding on ‘The Mind – The Determining Factor of Success’ has set him out to be an authority in this area.

He has inspired, developed, trained and imparted the lives of many people in the local church, both members and Pastors alike from all over the world. He has great passion for church planting, evangelistic crusades and outreaches and holding revival conferences. He is a person with multi skills but has a specialised ministry in developing and promoting entrepreneurs and raising people to become free from financial bondage. He also runs a consulting project known as IBEIN for Christian Entrepreneurs for churches and Pastors, advising on various avenues of generating income using biblical principles.

He has an outstanding, thought provoking and life changing ministry that will promote your life into a place of excellence, productivity and fruitfulness. Rev Moses Asare is married to Nana Akosua Agyeman and are blessed with three children Davina, Dionne, and Danielle known as the 3Ds